Chad has exchange of information relationships with 3 jurisdictions through 3 DTCs and 0 TIEAs.

About this list of agreements »

Information on a jurisdiction's exchange of information agreements contained reflects the most up to date information available to the Global Forum.

Jurisdictions may have signed further agreements that are not reflected. In particular, other mechanisms including the EU Council Directive 2011/16/EU on administrative co-operation in the field of taxation and the multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters are not reflected in the list of agreements yet. Technical adjustments are being performed in the EOI Portal in order to display multilateral agreements and developments are expected soon. The public should consult the detailed analysis of the jurisdiction’s EOI mechanisms contained in its published peer review reports and also consult the relevant government agencies in the jurisdictions concerned.

The determination as to whether an agreement meets the international standard is based on the results of the peer review process. Where neither jurisdiction has been subject to a peer review, or where one of the jurisdictions is not a member of the Global Forum (and so no information is available regarding whether that jurisdiction can exchange information to the standard) and so it is not possible to say that the agreement meets the standard, then the agreement's status is "unreviewed".

Jurisdiction Type of EOI Arrangement Date Signed Date entered into Force Meets standard Contains paras 4 and 5  
Cameroon DTC  14 Dec 1965  1965-12-14 14 Dec 1965  1965-12-14 Unreviewed No
Tunisia DTC  12 May 2012  2012-05-12 not yet in force  1900-01-01 Unreviewed No
Gabon DTC  14 Dec 1965  1965-12-14 14 Dec 1965  1965-12-14 Unreviewed No