Latest Reports for Dominican Republic

What kinds of Peer Reviews are there? ยป

Peer reviews are concerned with the availability of relevant information within the jurisdiction, the competent authority's ability to gain timely access to that information, and whether that information can be effectively exchanged with its partners.

  • Phase 1 reports summarise the legal and regulatory framework for transparency and exchange of information in a jurisdiction;
  • Phase 2 reports verify the practical implementation of that framework;
  • Combined phase 1 and phase 2 reports assess the legal and regulatory framework as well as its practical implementation.
  • Supplementary reports verify the jurisdiction's responsiveness to recommendations stated in the previous report.

All review reports are published once approved by the Global Forum and they thus represent agreed Global Forum reports.

Overall rating is Provisionally Largely Compliant

Dominican Republic has been reviewed under the fast-track procedures and assigned provisional overall rating. Dominican Republic will be scheduled to undergo a full review under the strengthened 2016 Terms of Reference in the near future.

Previous Reports

Type Published
Phase 2 Review 4 Nov 2016
Phase 1 Review 3 Aug 2015